I wish I was swimming

I wish I was swimming, or climbing a mountain, or doing one of those things you find in the typical metaphors …

I simply wish I was climbing a mountain. And then I would chose Mount Everest, I would’ve climbed step by step as long as I had to, because I knew that in the end I would reach the top. And I would’ve known that there were no point above where I had reached. I would’ve known how far to go, how high to reach and that one day I would be there, on the top, above everything. I would have sacrificed everything to climb the biggest mountains, where there always seemed to be another hill, and another, and another. I would have taken them down one by one. I would keep my eyes on the target at all times, and never forgotten where I was supposed to be, because I knew that ‘this is what it takes’. It’s not a mountain and it is not an ocean you can cross. But you have to keep swimming in this pool we call life.

“I wish I was swimming. I wish, I wish, I wish I was swimming. You can splash me if you want to. I don’t mind.”


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