I’m dancing in the snow!

Last night the first snow fell. When I woke up this morning and glanced outside it lay heavy and thick all over. I’m not the biggest fan of winter, so I guess I think it was a bit too early. I mean, the first real wintermonth is December, so why couldn’t the snow have waited until then to show up as well? Wellwell, one positive aspect though is that the darkness isn’t that consuming, and for me that has to count. I’m even less of a fan of darkness.

But the kids, they love it! On with gloves and the all over snow suit; they are getting ready for some heavy playing! And the dressing has better happen fast so they can enjoy the snow as much as possible. They are making snowmen, snow castles, they are throwing snowballs on a target, sliding down every hill they can find, until you see the grass underneath, and even the mud underneath. They get so dirty and cold, but they still love it! They wake up to a white world and is exhilarated!

Us grown-ups (“grown-ups”) on the other hand kinda hate it. We think about the dangers of the snow: people driving off of the road because of the ice and their cold hands (you see, when your hands are really cold you then to try to heaten them up and they you let go of the steering wheel); the flue, having to put on a lot of layers, even though that isn’t a danger. We think about all these minor things that is just simply unconvenient. One of the worst things is the snow getting too wet and you’re just stuck with MUD – mud all the way up to you’re knees!

“Yay! A sea of mud! Let’s go jump in it!”
You just have to admit that a response like that makes life a lot happier. The thing is you can’t change the fact that the world turned into another over night. But would it hurt to play along for a bit. Of course you can’t just push the gas pedal all the way down and not think that you will have to pay, but it doesn’t hurt to put on some gloves yourself and enjoy it. It will probably have rained away before the weekend is over anyway … I hope.

Make the snow work for you. Or whatever it may be that is being a pain in the ass, turn it into something you can gain from! I know you can do it – make it work!


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