Follow me, and let me be alone

Double pair of footsteps wherever I go
Double set of shadows, though I’m always alone
Someone breaking in, and I can’t get out
I’m trapped with my mind, and she shouts

I fear the silence, and I fear the sounds
I fear the lonesome and the dancing crowd
Run with me, and let us be alone
I’ll be your rock, you are my stone

Follow me
follow me and let me set you free
follow me, follow me, foll-ow

Wonder what they see, on the outside looking in
Maybe they’re just thinking ‘bout their afterdinner sin
Though it’s crowded here, I’m on my own
She nags at my side so I’m never alone

I fear the blindfold and I fear the sights
I fear the shadows and the all-consuming light
Leave you behind, let me be alone
I am the rock, and I am the stone
©Marie Olivia and On my way


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