It’s hard to mean something else than the majority

When I have a different opinion than someone else, it kind of hurts. Especially when there are ten people against me and no one with me. I don’t know if it is because what I mean is so wrong, or it is because so many people nowadays are afraid to stand out. We all want to be unique but not too unique. I guess some people also just don’t bother to look deep down inside themselves to figure out what their honest, genuine, real opinion is. It hurts to mean something else than what the majority thinks because it makes you feel different, and alone. It makes you feel like what you stand for is wrong or offensive maybe, like your opinion is strange and that you’re strange. It makes you feel like no one gets you. Because if they can’t get your opinion they can’t get you, and if they can’t get you, can they really be able to love you? It’s lonely to walk upstream. 

The things I mean, I believe in. I have come to the conclusions I have after being through the things I’ve been through. I’ve been through many things most of my friends have no recognition of, or understanding of, and that makes our perspectives on things different. And they make my opinion more different than theirs … because they are usually accompanied by several others agreement. As I said it’s lonely this way, it’s hard to walk upstream, but I can’t disregard or turn a blind eye to the things I’ve seen or experienced. I believe in my opinions, and even though it may be a lonely path, I’ll walk it, because it’s my reality. 

I know with myself that I want all the best for everyone. I want people to want their lives, and to live a content and happy life. I don’t necessarily think happiness is everything, but I wish for everyone to experience it. And by knowing myself this way, I also know that my opinions would never stray to far away from this, so how can what I mean really be offensive and wrong? 

Your intentions, your values and your actions define you. Your opinions is maybe just something you need to guide yourself. 


4 thoughts on “It’s hard to mean something else than the majority

    • Thank you!
      How great that you can manage to stand out without worrying about what others say. I’m getting there! Sometimes I just think of the other aspect of it: that it’s sad that the friends whom I love and think rocks in so many ways just don’t get it, that they just can’t see the side I see.

      • No problem. Even now it still causes all sorts of problems in my life, I just understand and cope with it much better. Very good point, that’s the worst part of it. It’s like you’re talking different languages! I’m lucky to have a best friend who seems completely on my wavelength so I have at least one person who I can say anything to.

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