Overcoming your own suicide attempt

I’ve been searching online, and I see support groups and hotline information and how-to’s for   loved ones who are left behind after someone takes their own life. That’s good. I see support groups and endless articles about how to be around a love one who has survived their own suicide attempt. That is also good. But I don’t see any sites or anything that deals with the person who actually tried to take his own life and the way onwards from there. How that person is supposed to handle it and keep on going, or getting over the fact of what they did. And that, that is not good. 


8 thoughts on “Overcoming your own suicide attempt

  1. I agree. After my suicide attempt, I was left alone to mourn the idea that I had failed, and that I now had to go on facing life. Not exactly a pleasant thing to do alone.

    • I found this though: http://livethroughthis.org
      But I think there should be more focus on how to get over it for the people that it actually affects the most. I mean I’m sorry for the people who are around someone who feels that bad, but I’m even more sorry and worried about those who actually went that far. For instance stuff like: how not to do it again, how to accept that a suicide is now in your past and will always be a part of your life, how you’ll overcome the ptsd-alike symptoms from the attempt. I dunno.

      • It’s interesting to see all of that. It does put it in a more humanistic perspective.
        I hate the term “survivor,” though. For me, I’m not a survivor, but a failure. I am not happy I failed. I don’t know.
        I think you’re right, there should be more of a focus on other things. Maybe a grieving process or something.

  2. I have written a screenplay about this topic called CLUB SUICIDE. I have pitched it in Hollywood with a lot of interest. Let me know if you would like to read it. Thanks for your honesty and your site, Marie.

    • Oh, wow, I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone thank me for this site before, and let alone for my honesty! That was nice of you!
      Yeah, I would like to read your screenplay.

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