But I don’t want success

I don’t want success, I want happiness. And I think you should too.

Why does it always have to be measurable? Why does it have to be visible? Why can’t it just be the smile on your face as you wake up to a sunny day? Why can’t it be the sigh when you get to sit down in your sweet couch after an exhausting day at work?

Of course I want to have goals, and of course I want to reach my goals as well. But I don’t want my life to be about whether or not I succeed in getting there, but about getting there. As they say “Life is the journey not the destination”. I don’t want to be miserable because I have not lived up to what others define as success, I just want to be happy. And it really doesn’t matter how. (As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone)

Breathe. Just breathe.


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