Help me breathe.

I wanna write this amazing post. A great post about bullying, or mental health, or how impossible it seems getting better when you got Aspergers additionally. I wanna write a coming out post about my Aspergers (but instead I just ruined that right now, please pretend I never said anything). I wanna write how hard it is being looked at and judged by your peers because you’re not following the social rites of growing up. I wanna write a poem or some song lyrics that really connects to someone. I wanna set the light on how backwards it is that stigma is put on the people who already are in pain. I wanna write this amazing post.

But all I know is that I’m so endlessly … tired. I … cannot even finish the sentence I tried to start. I am tired of fighting a battle I don’t understand, with an opposite I can’t untangle.

I want it to go away.

Go away.


3 thoughts on “Help me breathe.

  1. I can’t begin to understand how hard it is for you but I have had my own, different struggles and felt different from everyone else, alone and desolate. just keep sharing your stories here, people will reach out and hopefully you’ll feel more accepted 🙂

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