One truth at a time

Right now I’m a little bit pissed, so even though I know what I want to write here I have a hard time doing it, because I can’t seem to think about anything else than this crappy feeling inside. The sucky thing is that I don’t know how to make it go away. And the sad thing is that it’s something stupid, it’s not even worth my obsessive pissy-ness about it. It’s almost like the anger I have towards The Secret, though even that is more rational. Wish you could just erase from your life sometimes, or at least from your mind. 

I just ranted now, even though I’m really writing about something entirely different, which is just as boring as what I just wrote so I don’t think anyone will really mind. But since this post is about how I’m gonna be honest from here on, I just couldn’t start it with lying. I mean, the truth is that being pissed is what I’m all about right now. I think I have to go tell my mom. What would I do without my mom? Maybe I have misunderstood though … being honest isn’t necessarily the same thing as telling everything that’s on your mind, I know, I know. But seriously leaving out that I’m stuck on some shit right now, really felt like a lie to me. If that annoyed you: write a book about it. 

It’s funny how I’m just going along here, blahblahblah, and no one will ever read it. Most likely. Except myself when I’m shamefully going through the bullshit I leave out for the world to see. 

My point is that I’m starting something new. Every day I will  (TRY)  write a truth on here. Not because it’s interesting. But because I’m a liar, and that needs to stop. I can’t be happy unless I stop deceiving myself. I guess. 


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