Truth #2 : Go you!

I worry a lot. I keep thinking that I’m not gonna make it; I will never have a proper job; I won’t ever move out from my parents; I won’t manage to take a grade in the stimulated time; I won’t get over my anxiety; I’ll always be prone to depressions. Basically I keep thinking that I’m not good enough, and that I’ll fail. I keep worrying and thinking in a way that doesn’t really make me feel as if I believe in myself. I tell myself that I don’t believe in myself, and I think that’s the truth. But I know otherwise.

I just got to thinking about this. I do believe in myself, and how do I know that? Because I keep going. If I didn’t believe that somewhere in the future things would be looking up for me, I wouldn’t keep on going, would I? The logic in my mind tells me I wouldn’t. So the fact that I keep on trying, that I’m fighting, and hanging in there, it must mean that I believe that I can make it. How can I think one thing, and know something else though?

I know that to get through the kinda mess I’m in, I have to do the work. To keep on moving, even when you see no way through, it must mean you have hope, and dreams, and faith for the future. Which means that I have faith in myself to do the work.
Telling myself that I’m not gonna make it and at the same time walking the distance, is like one step forwards and one step back. Maybe I won’t really move until I let myself believe 100 % in the power I have on my own future.

And hey you! You there. I know you must be telling yourself, or thinking to yourself that you’re not good enough. Compared to your friends or your neighbors, you have nothing. But I’m telling you, you do! You can believe in yourself, and I already believe in you! We have to try and be brave. Have faith and jump. Not look back.

The truth is I believe in myself.
(Faaak, that was scary, now I feel as if I have no excuses if I fail being awesome. But hey, don’t worry, we all stumble and fall, and all we gotta keep doing is getting back up and trying once more, even though we’re like TOO tired.)


One thought on “Truth #2 : Go you!

  1. Hey you!

    I just read this and had to comment! I rarely check my Reader posts as I don’t usually come online during the day etc. Anyway I just want to say that I relate and understand you very well! I am the same, I keep thinking I won’t move out, or get into the right job that suits me etc. But if you take a look at these thoughts that nag at you, just think why is it your worrying?

    It’s only society’s pressures we feel for things like this! I see it this way now, if your going through a hard time & your parents are safe for you at the moment, just live your life! There’s no point in getting yourself so worked up when we have no control over the future but we do have control over the now. So take baby steps and you will get there eventually! Don’t rush yourself for anyone but you!

    I know this may sound strange coming from me when I panic about similar things with society pressures but it’s easier for me to give advice than take my own 😦

    If you ever want to talk I’m on Facebook or email! There’s nothing worse than feeling alone in these times!

    Maria x

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