I am too lonely

I don’t know what to say.

I don’t wanna be a cry-baby, but thinking about shit makes me cry. Admitting shit makes me cry. I don’t wanna tell you I’m lonely. It feels like a failure, like I’ve lost in something. Like I’m a loser for admitting it. But it’s true. It’s fucking true. I’m an idiot. I’m mean to myself. Wish I could just be a winner or something. Wish I could accomplish something. Wish I could live in a fairytale, in the happy ever after part.


6 thoughts on “I am too lonely

  1. Wow, there are times I could write exactly the same thing… I do know how that feels. You have my best wishes. You’re not alone 🙂

    • I wish you couldn’t. I wish no one could.
      But at the same time I guess there’s support in knowing I’m not the only one feeling like that.

      THANK YOU, for the best wishes and saying I’m not alone. You’re sweet.

      + a Q: Is that you in your picture?

      • I think it helps to know you’re not alone, and to be reminded of that fact – I tend to think it again and again.

        No problem 🙂

        And yes haha, that is me, though it’s quite an old photograph. I hope it’s not made things worse!

      • But what makes you say that one is not alone though? Because sometimes one truly are, or?

        You hope it’s not made things worse? What’s that supposed to mean!
        You look SO handsome in that picture, excuse me for saying so 😛

      • I think it’s just the need to keep myself distracted, make connections and boost my self-worth a little, which can make me feel I’m not completely segregated from everybody else – when I am at a loose end or lethargic my feelings become very similar to yours posted here.

        Of course, being literally around such supportive people helps, particularly if they have had similar experiences themselves; though sometimes my mind can fragment my relationships with people when times are tough and it can become a bit of a blur, so I tend to rely on myself chiefly to reinforce that unity.

        I’m not sure any of this makes sense but I hope it does…

        Haha, why thank you *blushes* – it’s not often anybody says that – it was taken by a very skilled photographer!

      • Well it’s good that you try to boost your self-worth, there’s no point in being a dick to yourself (something I’ve been great at lately).
        I understand what you are saying about your mind fragmenting your relationships, or I think I do. Like if I feel shitty, I’m gonna feel like I don’t have any friends for instance, and if I’m happy, I’m gonna feel like I have the bestest friends, did you mean something like that?
        And like, it’s great of you to reinforcing the friendships, or did you mean opposite, sorry! I got a little lost.

        If it isn’t often, at least now it was about time you heard it 🙂

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