The world is shit

I love the look of painted nails on a keyboard. I love bread fresh from the oven. I love the sound of G sharp and E minor. I love finding words to reach out with. But the world is shit. Utterly, endlessly.

Everything goes too fast. And I want off. I don’t wanna go for another ride now. I don’t wanna take another spin with this planet. The only problem is there’s nothing else.

Game over is passage to nothing, to unknown. And that is scary too.

I wish someone could just reach out to me, and hold my heart until I felt better. Say abracadabra, and it all would feel good.

Gosh, I think I’m gonna cry.


8 thoughts on “The world is shit

  1. Will you please go check out my post titled “To My Fighters” under Project Wonderland? πŸ™‚ Sometimes things can be quite sucky, but just know that I’d like you to feel as though you’re never alone!

      • Nonsense! (and thank you!) You’re never ever ever alone! You may think so, but somewhere someone truly cares for you! Such as myself, and i don’t believe the time spent knowing the person is that relevant! I hardly know you and already I feel as though what pain you seem to be going through somehow affects me and i want nothing more than you to smile and be happy! Do follow my blog and I’ll try to dedicate a bit of my time everyday to truly express how much I love my viewers and see if I can find ways to brighten your day:)

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