Making gingerbread house on locked ward

So, I’m sitting in one of the ‘living rooms’ on the unit, where they got internet connection. I’m using it to temporarily downloading music on spotify, so we’ll have some Christmas spirit for the baking. We’re going to make a gingerbread house! I mean … life is really not going my way, but the nurses and the assistants are so nice, you almost start believing in life again. But just almost. So, wish me luck! I’m going to go make my first gingerbread house + I’m gonna try have fun … I mean, what is fun? 


5 thoughts on “Making gingerbread house on locked ward

  1. Sorry to hear you’re back in hospital. I hope next year is better for you. Enjoy making a gingerbread house, that actually does sound like fun. When I was on a locked ward they had a cooking activity one day. I didn’t participate but sort of watched them make…I don’t know, hamburgers? No one was really allowed to do anything except stir the ingredients.

    • It was kinda fun. But then afterwards I beat up on myself for having a tiny bit fun, because heck, I don’t deserve that!! It sucks being so terrible to yourself.
      How are you doing?

      • Aw, you’re allowed to have fun. A bit of fun makes hospital more bearable. Will you be out for Christmas? I am doing okay thanks, just a bit stressed/anxious about Christmas.
        Take care.

      • How is the stress treating you?
        I’m out for Christmas eve, for some hours to celebrate with my family, thankfully. Though I’m not really feeling it. Take care you too sweetie!

      • I hope you have a nice time with your family and enjoy the time away from hospital.
        I am looking forward to Christmas being over. It’s Christmas morning here and it feels like any other day except soon I will have to go to lunch with extended family and I am dreading it! I can’t get out of it though so I will try to act okay and pleasant.

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