I’m in jail

I didn’t do anything illegal, all the same I’m here, in jail. Because seriously: that’s what this is. Locked ward = jail.

Someone is watching my every step.

Get me out of here! Please!


4 thoughts on “I’m in jail

  1. I know it feels like jail and I agree, locked wards are pretty much jail (not that I’ve ever been in jail!). Maybe this is the best place for you right now though. I (and I’m sure many others) want you to be safe. You wont always be there. Hospitals don’t keep people forever. I don’t know how the hospitals work where you are but here if you go into a locked ward they can only keep you for a certain amount of time and then you can go up against a tribunal to try to get released. You might also get moved to a less acute ward after a while. The best advice I can give from my own experiences is try not to fight whats going on. The more you fight, the longer they want to keep you.

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