Forever is just a minute to you

Why do people lie? Why do they say “forever” when what they mean is “until something better comes along”?

And no, losing someone you love is not the end of the world. Being left out is nothing compared to war and famine. But missing the bus by a second is still missing the bus. I could ask questions about why there is war and why people don’t share the wealth, those questions need to be asked as well. But I’m not gonna ask that tonight. I’m gonna ask why do people lie?

Why do they change into the people they swore they’d never become? Why do they start acting like someone new while denying it even to themselves? They look into your eyes and tell you how nothing’s changed, but the truth is everything has changed. But what does that mean? Are you of so little worth to them that they don’t even notice how things have changed? It’s hard to believe that the excuses are really reasons and not excuses cause through your eyes and with your ears they’re so clearly not reasons. How can they not even realize that the lies they feed you aren’t even any good, or believable at all? Why do they keep saying “us” when it’s not us anymore it’s “them”? Why do they say “forever” when it’s not?

I know I sound a little butthurt in this piece, and I guess I am, a tiny bit butthurt. But I swear I’m not as bitter as I sound. I’m feeling disappointed in a friend of mine, but it’s nowhere near what I wrote … And I hope it won’t become this bad either. I figured letting some steam would help me not to hold a grudge, crossing my fingers! I do wonder this though. Have you ever been left behind? Share a little!

– XO Marie


2 thoughts on “Forever is just a minute to you

  1. I like to think that most people (with the exception of some of my shitty exes) truly mean forever when they say it otherwise they wouldn’t say it. Friends who say “we’ll be friends forever”, believe that because at the time they can’t see things being any other way. Life changes though and people change. No one can help that, people just adapt to whatever life throws at them-good or bad.
    It sucks that people move in other directions and we lose them. Sometimes this isn’t permanent though.

    • Yeah, you’re definitely right. Like it’s true when they say it but then they change, and … yeah stuff happens. I know this. But it still hurts. It’s like … I expected this from most of my friends, it’s just the way of life, I’ve thought. But this one? No. It was never gonna happen. I just hope it’s a phase. What bothers me the most is actually that she can’t see it herself. Because it would be okay if she fessed up to it you know, but the way it is now, it’s like she doesn’t even see it. And that makes me feel like somehow I’m not even that important. Right now I’m being real immature, keeping silent, in the hopes of her noticing so she’ll think through her behavior. Fuck I’m a baby.

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