Hey stranger!

I wanna tell you something that will make you smile. I wanna make a change. I want you to feel better. I want you to be happy. But the truth is that I don’t know what to do to make you feel any kind of better. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. 

I don’t even know what to do to make me feel better. I’ve been sad, sick, tired and hopeless for too long. Maybe this is the time to let go. The time to stop trying. The time to stop being afraid of what death will do to the ones I leave behind, and what it’ll do to me. Maybe I just need to take the leap … again.

Stranger, and not-so-much-a-stranger-anymore, I want to tell you something that will make you smile. But I’m not sure I can. But I will tell you this: I appreciate your comment. Even if I take weeks to come back to you, I will always respond as long as I’m alive. And every comment, and word of encouragement means a lot to me. To hear that my words is read at all … Yeah, that’s kind of nice. Never give up in your ability to make a change in someone else’s life. Believe in the power of your words, and your caring.

And Stranger, one more thing, you’re valuable, worth it, wonderful. Believe it. Reach.


6 thoughts on “Hey stranger!

  1. No one knows what to say all the time. Whenever you don’t know just keep on sayin’ anyway and if you’re lucky you’ll touch the hearts some people.
    And damn, you were right on the money this time! Marieolivia, you’ve got some IMPECCABLE timing! I mean, wow! Here I am, sitting in my room, wallowing in sorrow, planning to KILL myself tonight and I hop on wordpress “one last time” and someone (YOU) just happens to have just written a new post telling me, “…you’re valuable, worth it, wonderful. Believe it. Reach.”
    After reading that, I think I’ll hold out a little while longer! I sure hope all the other “strangers” felt/will feel the same way I did about this. Thanks a lot!

    • Because you are valuable, worth it, wonderful. 🙂 Seriously. Believe it, reach.

      Next time you’re thinking those things, and I don’t have impeccable timing, and no one else has impeccable timing, make contact, I’ll tell you again, that you’re valuable, worth it, wonderful!

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