About me and this blog

January 22, 2017

I’m a woman in the middle of my twenties, that’s battled with mental health (gosh, doesn’t that sound so very cliche? “battled with”? Don’t make me gag.) …Β 

I’m in the middle of my twenties, and mental issues has fucked me up for my entire adult life. I am a victim, but I refuse to take that role as my own. I’ll be a superhero, I’ll be a friend, I’ll be whatever I chose to be (OK, that is a lie with moderations, I mean I could pretend I’m a man, or pretend I’m a dog, but I’d always just be pretending!), and I’ll never chose to be a victim, even if I am one, in the literal sense of the word.

This is just another boring blog about someones misery and their ordinary life. Because my life is so far from extraordinary, I mean, I almost don’t even meet people, because I enjoy my own company too much. And there’s only so much one can say about the hilarious knitting project I’m doing at the moment.

I like to think I’m insightful, and I like to think that I have a way with words, or at least that’s what I’m dreaming of. Using words to grab hold of someone else’s heart and making them feel something is one of my biggest dreams. I’m also driven by the desire to change the world do good, and be a difference, at least in a couple of people’s lives. I wanna stop crying about the world going to hell, and instead spending my time being the change I want to see in the world, and all that jazz.

Welcome, and hello, I’m Marie.

Old about:
When you are beaten up and broke down, and you don’t feel like taking even a single step ahead, you are still moving forward, you are still on your way.
I don’t know in which direction I’m supposed to head, and I don’t even know always if I want to move along at all, but still then, when a sigh escapes and I just want the world to take a spin without me, I am on my way.
It’s a bumpy ride and we can’t get off.

34 thoughts on “About me and this blog

  1. On my way, I love your blog. Your posts evoke so many emotions in me. I love your creative outbursts and everything else you do. Keep being awesome!

    Because I love your blog so much, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. This is an award that is suggested by readers of the blog in question and is accepted by the blogger from his audience. Really, it’s a chain letter type deal with questions attached that the nominator asks you, but still, it’s pretty cool. Like I said, I love your blog so I nominate you. Now, if you want further instructions, then my post on the award can be located here: If you want more details on what you have to do, then my post on my nomination is here: http://cleitch92.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/an-award-for-my-blog-what/

    Keep being awesome!

    • I read this looong ago. and it made me so happy. I’ve been reading it now and then, and it has made me happy. Thank you for telling me this. To know that something I wrote was appreciated means a lot to me, even though it might not seem that way because I didn’t respond in ages.
      When I first read this I was in a rut, so it was a very welcome happy break from that. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ll try being awesome, even though I don’t really know how.
      Remember that you make a difference, and sending someone a compliment like this really did.

    • Hi Maria!
      Thank you for nominating me for these different awards! I really appreciate it, I just don’t always know how best to respond to things, so I end up not doing it, because the stress of it kinda overwhelms me, even if that sounds stupid (being overwhelmed by something so small). But thank you, it warms up my heart πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you for commenting, and thinking it’s inspiring.
      I try not to ‘be’ what happened to me, but it’s hard to not give a shit. It’s hard not to become a product of your suffering, but I’m trying.

      • PS your music is good. I would have just emailed you to tell you instead of leaving comments, but I can’t find any sort of contact page on your blog.

      • Ha, well I figured that since you knew there was no contact page or way to contact you then that’s what you wanted. A slight joke it ’twas. Forgive me; I’ve had so much coffee I’m hallucinating πŸ™‚

      • Oh wow, really! So much coffee you’re hallucinating, it doesn’t sound too good … or maybe that’s exactly what it is!?
        Did this mean you wanted to contact me? Help me out here, I’m (and at this point I looked up synonyms to stupid and figured they were to many to pick from) … I’m just not good with contact pages and what people’s really trying to say πŸ˜›

      • Yeah, well I bought some special Ethiopian coffee that I’ve not had before, and I think I messed up with the measuring. After about 2 cups I was having a religious experience. It was good though, if a bit messy. Yes, I wanted to talk with you about your poems. I have an email listed on my gravatar page if you’d like to drop me an email.

      • Haha! A religious experience? Interesting-interesting.

        You wanted to talk to me about my poems? That’s like so sweet. I’ll drop you an e-mail, but I’m just gonna tell you now: I’m no good at it.

        Do you have a blog by the way?

    • Oh Steven!
      It made it nicer coming home for some hours from the hospital when I found this on my wordpress-site! Thank you! πŸ™‚ It did make me a little bit happier! I’m glad someone can relate, even though I wish you didn’t, kinda, you know what I mean?

      And my comments aren’t kind, they’re real/true/honest! πŸ™‚
      I hope you are okay … no, really, I hope you’re superb! And if you’re not, I’m thinking of you πŸ™‚

      • Aah well it’s a great reward to know I cheered you up even just a little bit πŸ™‚ No problem!

        I’m not doing too badly at the moment actually, thanks for asking! Went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago, which was a great uplift. I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say I wrote a dissertation about it on my blog if you’re interested! It’s only really visits from counsellors which are getting me down at the moment.

        So how are things with you? Do you feel the hospital visits are helping at all?

        I appreciate the hugs! πŸ™‚ And obviously hug back. Take care!

    • Hey S&S!
      I’m okay, I suppose. I’m still kicking and breathing at least! I’m sorry I haven’t responded to this earlier, I’ve been AWOL for a long time, but I hope you’re not annoyed with me or disappointed in me for not getting back to you sooner. 😦
      Are YOU okay?

      • Hi Marie,
        I’m glad you’re okay, although this comment was written 24 days ago so I hope you are still okay. I’m not annoyed or disappointed. I understand going AWOL, I have been pretty AWOL lately too.
        Life just seems to get harder and harder lately for no reason. Functioning is hard but necessary, I guess.
        Take care and I hope you’re well.

  2. Dear Marie Olivia

    I’ll graduate as a clinical psychologist from the University of Oslo in april and I’m working on a research project for my final thesis. I’m writing to you because I’ve been following your blog. I’m passionate about how health care professionals can encounter young people who self harm in the best way possible. I would very much like to use entries from your blog for my final thesis. I’m going to use several blog entries written by young people who self harm in different countries, in order to find out more about how you are met by health care professionals and what you need from us.

    I’ll need your permission in order to use your blog. You’ll be completely anonymous in my thesis if you choose to participate. I hope I can contact you by e-mail in order to give you more information about the project. My e-mail adress is astrid.dastol(at)gmail.com. Hope to hear from you!

    Best regards,

  3. Thank you for giving me the permission to include your blog in my research project. I’m touched by your experiences and thankful that you also want to share them for a research purpose.

    Kind regards,
    Astrid DΓ₯stΓΈl, psychology student

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