Hello no-one, this is Marie

So! 9 months ago I was starting over with  a new blog, that is now being deleted. Because I bombed. I got caught up in life and logged off. And now when I came back I just didn’t have any ownership over the new blog, while this one, that’s been here for years, still felt like MINE.

I also realize that starting over is for every. fucking. day. Every day I get the opportunity to make something of the hours that lies ahead. I don’t need a new blog for that. I evolve, and I take with me bad and good from the past, and then I start over, and continue, all at the same time. I remembered what was the base for this blogs title “on my way”, it’s so simple, I’m on my way, I’m always on my way. Moving. And yes, let’s get started, baby, let’s start believing in our futures. Let’s not let depression get the best of us. Let’s believe that the way we are on can be filled with hope and happiness, laughter and exclamation points!

I guess I found that let’s get started baby was kinda wrong, because I started this a long time ago. I started working and fighting a long time ago, even if it wasn’t with an exclamation point then. Back then the fighting was slow, but steady. But still, it’s not like the renewed hope in my life becoming more than a sob-story makes the fighting begin now. So yeah, I do hope that the way ahead is optimistic and fun and filled with energy and vigor, as “Let’s get started, baby” was an expression of, but still, it’s connected with me, and my past, and I’ve always been on my way.

XO, Marie