I did something brave today

I know that some might say, ‘the fuuuck, that’s not brave, that’s easy!’ or ‘woooooah, man, that’s stupid!’, but I’m gonna be honest with myself, and nice to myself and say that I think it’s brave.

My mom showed me this article on a Norwegian news-site, a debate post from a reader. It was about suicide. The title read ‘Suicide is the Last Taboo’. I read it and thought it was an important piece, and well-written. Spot on. And I thought: more people should read this. And normally I would just leave it at that. But today, what I did was post the article on my Facebook. I wrote a short message about reading it and that others should read it too, because it was important. Yeah, it was uncomfortable and sad, but they could do it.

It’s been 8 minutes since I posted it, and there are still no reactions. Makes me scared inside. Because even though I don’t wanna give a shit about what people think of me, I do. Of course I do. But I did it still. Because I’m starting to figure out I would rather be that person who does what she can to shed the light on something she thinks is important. And really, this is so small, but if it can make 1 more person read that article maybe it will have the butterfly-effect. Maybe one day it will have mattered. And if all it does is make people think I’m a lunatic … then the heck with it, let them. Because if posting that is gonna make someone think I’m a lune … then that’s not on me.

… Gosh. I really wish someone would comment or like it already.