Trigger warning!

This entire blog comes with a trigger warning. I will always do my best to mark every triggering post with a warning, but I just wanted to say first and foremost: remember that this blog will contain issues like suicide, self-harm and other (self-)destructive behaviors. I will never condone self-destructivity, or encourage things that are harmful to yourself or others. I will never intentionally linger on these subjects to egg on or trigger others. But I will write freely and detailed about these things. I will try to show you my insides, not to sway you in the same direction, maybe even completely the opposite. I will tell it as it is, and maybe you will see that self-harm is not romantic, idyllic or in any way a positive, constructive way to cope. It’s a way to survive. The way you choose when there are no other ways. If you are destructive maybe you will see that you are not alone, you are not the only one that work in such a sick and destructive manner. If you know that you are easily triggered, don’t read the posts with warnings, be good to yourself. And to all you others that are not caught up in a self-destructive way, don’t let my posts be intriguing, let them be alarming. Make sure you’re safe, and let what I write be something positive in your life. And if ever you think I influence in a negative and hurtful way, let me know. I think openness about the darkest sides of mental illness can be a good thing, but the most important thing along the way, is to be safe.

PS: This is not a blog about suicide and self-destructive behavior, but those subjects will appear now and then, as it will in many mentally sick minds.

Be good to yourself, xo Marie